Claiming compensation

Claiming compensation for a hit and run accident with an uninsured driver

There are around 38 million registered drivers on the roads here in the UK who are making numerous journeys throughout the year, but sometimes this doesn’t go as smoothly as you would like and you could become the latest victim of a hit and run accident. An accident such as this can be one of the most traumatising and dangerous types of incident that you could be involved in, especially when it involves an uninsured driver. Although hit and run accidents are against the law, it doesn’t prevent people from leaving the scene of the crime and in many situations the outcome can be life-threatening for the victim.

If you have been left needing medical attention as a result of a hit and run accident, or you are the driver of a vehicle who may have been injured due to a negligent pedestrian, then you could be eligible to make a claim against them to help recover any costs that you have incurred as a result.

What instances could a claim be made?

To make a claim as a result of being hit by an uninsured driver, with some examples including:

Who could I be eligible to make a claim against?

If you are unfortunate enough to become the victim of a hit and run accident with an uninsured driver, then you will know that it can be a very painful and traumatic experience. Fortunately however, this could make you eligible to make a claim for compensation as you could look to put in a claim against the driver for negligence and putting your life at risk. It is a criminal offence to hit and run and if you have been left to suffer the consequences, you shouldn’t have to suffer – which is why making a claim could help you recoup any losses you have incurred.